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  1. I'm curious when this company was founded? My aunt was one of the original sellers of Arbonne (popular years ago!) because of the natural cosmetics. She was allergic to a lot of other products, so Arbonne is one of the only things that worked for her. I'll have to let her know about this line as well for an alternative option!

  2. I really don't wear make-up every day, but I just need to learn how to put make-up on properly when I go out. I love doing my eyes, but I just haven't found out the right look for me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm not a big make-up fan but when I do wear makeup, I always opt for natural and organic. I've never heard of Marie Natie before – is it a new company? Love the mascara!

  4. I just realized my skin is a shade paler than it was in the summer and it's time to buy some new foundation. I will definitely look into the Merle Norman foundation. I also really like the eye colors you used – your eyes look gorgeous!

  5. Your MarieNatie Cosmetics look great on you. I'm sure it's hard to find make to go with your wonderful auburn hair. They did a great job of picking out your colors and it looks very natural. Pretty!

  6. I guess my comments did not go through but I did mention that you had beautiful eyes and I thought my daughters would love this look.

  7. I'm not the sort of person who splurges a lot on makeup but this could definitely be an exception. I love that Marie Natie products are organic AND chemical free. Plus the products you wore are definitely the shades I would pick. Exquisite!

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